Our Locations & Menu

67 Fish Lane
South Brisbane

Visit our beloved original rib shack in Fish Lane! Find us down the bustling urban alley off Cordelia Street.

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   (South Brisbane)

86 McLachlan Street
Fortitude Valley

Check out our new Rib Shack in the Valley! We’re just off James Street and offer free parking validation at the parking garage on Connor St.

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   (Fortitude Valley)



Buffalo Wings

Big Roddy’s famous Buffalo Wings for only $1 each on Wednesday! (min order: 5 wings)

Chicken Strips

Succulent, buttermilk marinated chicken strips coated in spices, deep-fried and sliced into strips.


Poutine (v)

Canadian style fries served with Big Roddy’s gravy and genuine Aussie cheese curd.

Chilli Fries (v)

Fried chips topped with Big Roddy’s red kidney bean and tomato chilli.

Jala-Macca-Peño Poppers

Crispy fried jalapenos stuffed with mac’n’cheese and mozzarella.

Are you a Hungry Horn Hero!?

Have you got what it takes to beat the best that Big Roddy can throw at you? Oh yeah? Then. Bring. It. On.

Bigger Thangs


Baby Back Pork Ribs

Big Roddy’s secret recipe baby back pork ribs smothered in one of Big Roddy’s BBQ sauces.

Beef Short Ribs

Big Roddy’s secret recipe beef short ribs smothered in one of Big Roddy’s BBQ sauces.

Pork Button Ribs

Big Roddy’s secret recipe pork button ribs smothered in one of Big Roddy’s BBQ sauces.

The Royal Sampler

Can’t decide? Why not get the royal treatment and have it all? A half rack of baby back pork ribs AND a single bone of beef short ribs!

The Ribwich (Beef) (Pork)

Big Roddy’s secret recipe pulled beef or pork served on a toasted brioche bun with coleslaw.

Cheese Burger

Big Roddy’s signature cheese burger. Beef patty with melted red cheddar cheese, onions..

Fried Chicken Burger

Deep fried spiced chicken breast with crispy butter lettuce, homemade pickles served on a toasted brioche bun.

Veggie Burger (v)

A huge panko crumbed fried field mushroom with melted red cheddar, onions, butter lettuce, tomato.




Green and red cabbage, carrots and red onion dressed in Big Roddy’s secret coleslaw dressing.


Delicious fries dusted with our homemade Hot Rod Seasoning for the true Big Roddy’s experience!

Sweet Potato Fries

House cut sweet potato fries.

Grilled Corn

Corn on the cob pan fried with butter and garlic.

Butter and Garlic Fried Beans

Green beans pan fried with butter and garlic.

Choc-Caramel Ganache (Dessert)

A deliciously rich Choc-Caramel Ganache topped with crumbled cookies.




Glass 330ml Bottle.

Coke No Sugar

Glass 330ml Bottle.


Glass 330ml Bottle.

Lemon, Lime & Bitters

Glass 330ml Bottle.

Ginger Beer (Non-Alcoholic)

Glass 330ml Bottle.


Mount Franklin Lightly Sparkling Mineral Water

330ml Bottle.

Apple Juice

Glass 300ml

Orange Juice

Glass 300ml

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