Are you a ‘Hungry Horn Hero’???

Have you got what it takes to beat the best that Big Roddy can throw at you? 

Oh yeah? Then. Bring. It. On.

The Hungry Horn Challenge costs $100 to attempt; you must simply eat a delicious mountain of Big Roddy’s food in less than 60 minutes

If you complete this momentous challenge you will be given your $100 back and be forever immortalised on our “Hungry Horn Hero Wall” with your own photo trumpeting the immortal Hungry Horn! 

But, most importantly, you will be given your very own Hungry Horn Hero t-shirt which, when worn back in the Rib Shack, will give you 10% off for rest of your life. 

Have you got what it takes???

Hungry Horn Challenge:

Finish off this amazing spread of food in less than 60 minutes and the title of Hungry Horn Hero is yours!:

  • Full rack of pork ribs
  • Double bone of beef ribs
  • Your choice of a poutine or chilli fries
  • 1kg of buffalo wings
  • And a double serve of our delicious Coleslaw

Book your HUNGRY HORN CHALLENGE at Big Roddy's!

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